Why Invest?

The England Group offers Canadian investors the opportunity to participate in strategically located, high quality real estate investments. Each project is structured to provide both short-term and long-term benefits.

Easy, Affordable Participation

The England Group specializes in 'armchair investments' that are designed for easy participation. Our limited partners are passive investors who enjoy the benefits of ownership without the day-to-day hassles of management. Another key advantage comes through the pooling of funds. A real estate investor who invests privately is often limited to smaller properties, and may not be able to participate in multi-million dollar 'Class A' real estate projects. Our projects are structured to make large scale real estate opportunities accessible to the average investor.

Positive Cash Flow

The England Group only invests in properties with sufficient projected cash flow to cover mortgage payments, operating expenses and management fees, and to also provide cash distributions to investors. Investors generally receive cash distribution cheques on a quarterly basis, along with a project update report.

Tax Savings

The limited partnership structure permits certain tax deductions - such as capital cost allowances, asset management fees and start-up costs - to flow through to investors. As a result, a large portion of the investment is returned to investors through personal income tax savings. We encourage you to consult a professional investment advisor in order to understand how this may apply to your own personal financial situation.

Capital Appreciation

The England Group is also dedicated to long term capital appreciation and has a vested interest in the management and successful operation of the partnership through participation in a carried interest. We select underperforming properties in cities and communities experiencing strong economic growth. Just as importantly, these markets must have the fundamentals for sustainable growth in the foreseeable future. Drawing on our wealth of experience, we often upgrade the amenities and services available to our tenants and implement proven property management strategies that maximize income and create long-term value.