Our History

The England Group's success begins with the quality of its leadership. Founder Kevin England set the standard for excellence that is now carried through by a seasoned team of executives charged with overseeing The England Group’s extensive portfolio. Each member of our management team brings unique skills and talents to the partnership, creating that rare combination of vision, operational know-how, financial prudence, and investment experience.

With a wealth of collective experience, our leaders know first hand how to find the potential value in a property - and how to add value where others simply do not see the potential. The expertise ranges from acquisition and disposition to property management and leasing, from development and construction to capital markets and finance-all drawing on the wisdom gained through years of experience. 

Building on more than 26 years of real estate experience, The England Group has stood the test of time. We have proven our capacity for outstanding performance in every economic climate, establishing a remarkable  track record of 'armchair investments' for our investors.

Since inception, The England Group has acquired and managed over $460 million in real estate assets primarily consisting of luxury condominiums, townhouse complexes and apartment buildings. We have maintained a strong focus on asset and property management and have established a reputation as a company of professionals with a disciplined approach to maximizing the income and value of its assets. 

At present, our portfolio consists of 14 multi-family properties totaling more than $321 million in asset value and generating a combined gross income of approximately $43 million per year.